Tuesday, April 04, 2006

annual hairgrass, Deschampsia danthonioides, May–June, Native

Look for its delicate, open panicle at the Trail 9 serpentine/chert contact, growing with meadow barley, small-leaved bent grass, and common hairyleaf fescue, and on Road F in small barren places north of the Trail 9 intersection with hairy fescue and hairyleaf fescue. It can be abundant on Road F at the well-known docent stop for the diminutive, fragrant Pogogyne serpylloides, where it is universally overlooked.

Name: J. L-Deslongchamps, France | danthonia-like.

Illustration, Manual of the Grasses of the United States, 2 ed. PDF: http://standish.stanford.edu/bin/object?00003911
CalPhotos images of Deschampsia danthonioides.